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Our product is manufactured in the USA under a patent pending method to stabilize the solution without using chemicals to maintain the product’s efficacy.

What is HOCL?

Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water (EOW) or Hypochlorous Acid can be used to replace nearly all chemicals used in restaurants for sanitation.

Hypochlorous Acid known as HOCL is perhaps the most effective and non-toxic, “biocide” known to modern medicine.

Chemically, HOCL is described as salt, a biocide, that effectively destroys all known bacteria, viruses, mold, and funguses.



Suraface Disinfectant

Can be applied on a soft and hard surfaces to quickly sanitize even while students are present.

Hand Sanitizer

No rinse hand sanitizer for guests and Employees.

Fogging Agent

This method is created for use in rooms and public areas to kill everything in its path. HOCL is safe enough to be used while humans are present.

Food Services

HOCL is approved by the EPA for use on food contact surfaces at concentrations as high as 200 ppm.

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