Pet-Setter HOCL Refill 1 Gallon

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Pet-Setter HOCL Spray is the perfect remedy for the cleansing and moisturizing of your animal’s ailments. As a non-toxic, alternative to steroids, it is a highly effective treatment for wounds without burning, stinging, or irritating the skin. Our product will not stain on clothes and furniture. It is endorsed by veterinary professionals allowing us to confidently offer a money-back guarantee if you are not 100 % satisfied.



Pet-Setter HOCL Spray Is The Perfect Remedy For The Cleansing And Moisturizing Of Your Animal’s Ailments. As A Non-Toxic, Alternative To Steroids, It Is A Highly Effective Treatment For Wounds Without Burning, Stinging, Or Irritating The Skin. Our Product Will Not Stain On Clothes And Furniture. It Is Endorsed By Veterinary Professionals Allowing Us To Confidently Offer A Money-Back Guarantee If You Are Not 100 % Satisfied.

Weight 128 oz


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