Curativa Bay Flu Bundle


Protect your home and family with the Curativa Bay Flu Bundle.

Make your home or business safe, fresh, and super clean.


  • One Gallon Of EPA Approved Hypochlorous Disinfectant (Safe, Natural, And Non-Toxic)
  • 1 OZ Gentle Nasal Passage Cleanser
  • 8 OZ Hypochlorous Skin Spray
  • * NOTE Cool Mist Humidifier For The Disinfectant may not be exactly the same as the model on the picture.  Currently, we are shipping the amazing Honeywell HEV320WC Quiet ComFort Cool Moisture Air Humidifier, Easy Fill & Clean, White, 3.03-L

Kills viruses and bacteria on surfaces, on skin, and in the nasal passage where they enter the body

Note: The gallon of Hypochlorous can be cut to make 4 gallons by filling the humidifier 25% Hypochlorous Disinfectant and 75% * DISTILLED WATER.

EPA Approved Hypochlorous Disinfectant

Electrolyzed Water (H2O) Sodium Chloride. HOCL .046% (460 Ppm)

Hypochlorous Nasal Passage Cleanser

Purified H2O, Sodium Chloride.  HOCL .004%

Advanced Hypochlorous Skin Spray

Electrolyzed Water (H2O) Sodium Chloride. HOCL .02% (200 Ppm)

EPA Approved Hypochlorous Disinfectant

Use as a direct surface cleanser by applying and leaving to dry naturally. It can also be diluted at a 25% disinfectant/75% distilled water ratio to sanitize the air within buildings by using a humidifier.

Hypochlorous Nasal Passage Cleanser

Use Daily As Needed. Gently Shake The Bottle Before You Mist Each Nostril Once Or Twice Per Application, And Slowly Breathe In Through Your Nose A Few Times To Pull The Solution Into The Sinuses.

Advanced Hypochlorous Skin Spray

Spray Liberally On Face And Other Infected Areas Let Dry Naturally. Repeat At Least 3 Times Daily Or As Much As Desired.


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